Tac-Pave is an Australian-made super-thin Fibre Reinforced Polymer Concrete Tactile Ground Surface Indicator (TGSI) which is characterised by its flexibility, high strength and durability, quick installation and colour choice. 


  • Tac-Pave fully conforms to AS 1428.4 and DDA requirements. It is also approved by VicRoads and has been CSIRO tested for slip resistance. We certify all our work to be in accordance with AS1428.4.

  • 50MPA - delivering a tacile with the capacity to withstand high pedestrian traffic and light vehicle traffic.

  • Minimise construction time - Forget rebates, excavation, sawcutting or drilling. With minimal surface treatment, Tac-Pave goes down super-fast and outperforms the rest.

  • Minimal downtime - With an approximate cure time of less than one hour, the site can be trafficable within two hours.

  • Minimise maintenance and your risk against public liability claims. Tac-Pave does not lift or become dog-eared, crack and break into sharp pieces or delaminate. At only 2mm thick, the tactile is laid virtually flush with the existing surface, eliminating the danger of creating a tripping hazard.

  • Simply maintained - Tac-Pave is unique in that we can simply maintain the product once in place. Tac-Pave can be rejuvinated with a durable surface coating.

Dimensions: 300 x 300 x 2mm
Material: Fibre Reinforced Polymer Cement
Colour: Any colour available on request